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Monday, April 19, 2010

This Tuesday April 20th is ACME Night

ACME is excited to be hosting Sue Campbell as our On-Air Artist this week. Ms. Campbell brings 18 years of experience to our broadcast in both traditional and digital animation. She graduated from Sheridan College with her degree in animation and went on to work at studios such as ILM, Disney, Dreamworks,Rhythm & Hughes, and Digital Domain. Her film credits include The Star Wars Trilogy, Jurrasic Park 2 & 3, Harry Potter 2, Men in Black, Hancock, Shark Tale, the Golden Compass, GI Joe, and Transformers 2 among others. In her spare time, she has also taught at Sheridan College.
Gnomen School of Arts, and the Art Academy of San Francisco.

Sue Campbell Blog

See you at 6:00 in L151

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