Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

This is the place to find all kinds of extra information required for ARTDM 165-166

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Last night of regular class

165 Students:
1. Tonight the comic/zines are due. For the comic, you will turn in the final version of your comic in 2 forms: First, a printed copy of the final version (B/W or color, its up to you). Secondly, an electronic PDF version.
2. You have the entire class time to work on your Animation, Presentation or study for the test.

166 Students: 
Continue working on your big projects.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Only two regular classes left before finals.

This is it.....the end is near!

165 Students: 
1. Review for the final Quiz.
2. Sign up for final presentations.
(For this, you will present your walk/jump animation and give your 5 min. presentation.) 
3. Turn in Zine if you have it ready. 
(The last time to turn it in is ,Tuesday the 9th at the end of class).

166 Students:
1. Continue working on Bible Project.
2. Sign up for final presentations.
(You are expected to present your animatic and get feedback from the audience).

We will meet at the same time on Thursday 11, 

& Tuesday 16.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Use one of the two jump cycle key frame examples below. The upper row will give you a more realistic jump and the bottom one will look more rubbery. The drawing shown are key frames, draw your character in the same key poses. Scan and test your drawings before inking, add in-betweens as needed.
166 Students:
Please update your progress on the Acme site.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tonight! putting in together

165 Students:
Hi everyone today's goal is have the following completed.
1. In your .fla file have your background in place.
2. Have the object you are going to jump over in place.
3. Have your character walk up to the object stop and look at the audience.
4. At the end of class, you will publish a .mov or .swf of this and turn into scratch.
166 Students: We will review your progress.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stop and Starting

165 Students:
How to stop and start
1. To stop, use the Pass pose as a template, trace it but change one thing. Bring the leg in the pass position down to the ground.
2. To begin walking, from the rest pose,
paste the pass pose in and resume the walk from that point.
3. When the body is at rest, this is the time to show your reaction to the object you must jump over. This may mean bending down or cutting to a close up. this part depends on what you have scripted for your story. 
4. Scan in pencil test, only ink if it works.

*Note: at all times use your template paper with the guidlines when drawing your character.  

Walk Cycle

How to set up the project:
1. With your 8 1/2" x 11" paper turned horizontally, or in the electronic program of your choice, place two horizontal lines that run the entire length of the drawing surface. Place one 2" from the top and one 1" from the bottom.
These lines will work like the ones shown above, the bottom is the ground line and the top one is the head line. If working on paper, the page with the lines should be placed below a clean sheet of paper. The lined paper will act as a template for the actual drawing that will happen on the blank sheet above. If you are drawing in a program use the layering feature to accomplish the same thing.
2. Using the example shown above draw your character in the positions exactly as shown in the following poses: Contact, Down, Pass and Up. The second contact shown, is not needed at this point.
3. Show me the drawings before you ink.
4. Scan in drawings and test in Flash and show me. If it works you can ink and rescan.