Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Jump

165 Students:
Great Job Tonight! As I mentioned in class, here is the jump cycle. The upper one is in the Disney style and the lower one is in the Warner Brothers Style. The poses shown are "Key Poses, so you will need to add a couple of tween drawings. We will work on adding these on Thursday. Below are some sample jump animations

166 Students:
On Thursday be ready to turn in scanned copies of the following:
1. Character pages of your main characters.
2. Character page showing a line up of supporting characters.
3. Background drawings for each scene.
4. Thumbnail Storyboard. 


166 Students: Storyboarding

The most important ingredient is to have a PLAN. 
Don Bluth used to say, "If you fail to plan - you plan to fail".
In order to PLAN - you have to THINK. Ask yourself these kinds of questions:
  • a. What is the purpose of this scene?
  • b. What is the character doing in this scene?
  • c. How does this scene contribute to the whole piece?
  • d. What is the mood of the scene?
  • e. What are the emotions of the character?
  • f. What came before...what follows?
  • g. Do I have enough images to explain the story? (Show it to another person and ask them if     they under stand what is happening).
Below are sample Story Board Animatics
As you watch all of them, pick one and count the number of changes that happen and count each change as a frame.

For Thursday, please read chapter 1 in the textbook
"Ideas for the animated short" be ready to talk about your projects theme and the story archetypes.

Pick a Topic Night!

Field Trip Sunday April 26

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Hi 165 students,
Here are the instructions for going from a walk to standing, turning your head, blinking and then starting to walk once again. I have included the 4 walk poses, the poses needed to come to a stop and details about blinking. On Tuesday I would like to see just the pencil versions of  your character in those poses. You will scan and test in flash before inking them. See you Tuesday. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

News, News and more News!

Hi Everyone.
great night last night. I hope you enjoyed the Video by John Nevarez. Here is a link that will give you more information about him. During the video a couple of other names came up that you should take at least 5 min. to look at. You may be surprised by what you find.
Try Maurice Noble, here is a link to a great article about how he crafted his backgrounds to compliment the characters.
Another name that came up was Steven Silver,

Here are a couple of links to blogs that feature animation backgrounds:

165 Students:
For Thursday, collect 12 images from the internet that you might use as inspiration for a background that looks like it would be a good environment for your character to walk through. We will continue working on the walkcycle and your backgrounds on Thursday. Also, if you went to the Monster Draw, please scan and be ready to turn in those drawings by 9pm.

166 Students:
Please upload your Character pages and character line up images to
ACME. They do not need to be inked.

For both 165 & 166 students: I'm setting up a field trip for after spring break, we will be going to the Cartoon Art Museum. I will give you more details on Thursday.

Remember this Thursday we will be have the award ceremony for the James O'Keefe comic contest. Support your fellow classmate Bret Ward, he is one of the winners! and get extra credit for attending.