Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

This is the place to find all kinds of extra information required for ARTDM 165-166

Thursday, August 25, 2016

8/25 Homework

165 Students:
In your sketchbook, full page, draw yourself as a

Rubber Hose style character. Have fun with it, no color

use your red or blue pencil for the concept art. Ink your drawing, 

make sure the entire drawing fits on the page. 166 students are

welcome to join in. Yep...the one below is me...

166 Students:

On Tuesday we will look at your first test animatic for the Walk, Fly, 

Swim animation. DO NOT INK THEM, Its important to have the 

flexibility to change the drawings after reviewing the pencil footage.

See you then!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


165 Students:
In your sketchbook, full page, draw yourself as a

Simpsons style character. Have fun with it, color is

optional, use your red or blue pencil for the concept

art. 166 students are welcome to join in. Yep...the

one below is me...

166 Students:

Thank you for turning in your character pages. The 

next thing you should be doing is working on your 

Walk, Fly, Swim animations.These should be created 

in the same manor that the walk cycles were done at 

the end of the 165 class. The only difference is that 

you do not need to ink them. They should stay as 

true animatics and be loose pencil drawings. You can 

turn them in any order, you choose. The first rough 

draft of one of the animatics is due Tuesday 30.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Below are examples and a couple of links to some great caricature artists. Take a little time to look at the work. As you do, remember,
caricature is exaggeration not distortion.

At the bottom of this post you can find the homework drawing project.

Al Hirshschfeld

In your sketchbook, using red pencil draw both of the leading political candidates as caricatures. Keep the red pencil after you ink. Due on Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/16 Homework

Wow what a great first night!

165 Homework:
1. For Thursday, please bring your sketchbook, red pencil and eraser.
2. In your sketchbook, full page, as a stick figure or as a more developed character (its up to you), draw yourself as a Zombie. Have fun with it, make it silly or scary just try... color is optional, use any drawing materials you would like. 166 students are welcome to join in. Yep...the one below is me as an art zombie...

166 Homework:
1. Bring your sketchbook, pencils and markers to class, you will be working on 3 character designs for your project.
2. Your goal for the end of class on Thursday, is to flesh out your character designs for the 3 characters. Remember, this is your chance to design the characters as you like, they only need to follow the rules of motion. See the image below with a Fox, it shows how to begin the sketching process.
3. The character pages can be worked on over the weekend.

Drawing Process

 Character Design

Movement Studies

Below is an example of a character page

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WELCOME!!! its almost time

Welcome everyone! hang on, 
the class will begin soon.
Drawing, Cartoons, Bronies,
Overwatch, Jigglypuff, Miyazaki,
sketchbooks and more...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Last Day

Last day of class!

Presentation Day!
Bring snacks

I will bring the drinks!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

End of Semester Due Dates

165 Students: 
1. On Monday 25 at the end of class you will present your Walk/Jump animations.
2. Below is a list of drawings I will be looking for in your sketchbook on Tuesday. 
Due Tuesday 26 at the start of class.
Walk Cycle background
3 different Anime Style character types: 20’s-60’s, 70’s-Today & Furry
Character page (from walk cycle)
12 variations on a theme concept sketches for walk cycle design
6 drawing variations based on the character chosen from the initial 12
UPA, self
Sack background
sack character page
Personal studio logo
Colonial period, self
Expressive self (Tex Avery)
99 year old, self
Simpson, self
Rubber Hose, self
Political caricature
Zombie, self
3. Please create an electronic folder with your name on it, place 6 colored versions of your best drawings from this semester, jpg. or png. will work fine.
A folder labeled, "165 portfolio" has been set up in the class folder.
Due Wednesday 27 at the start of class.
4. On Wednesday 27 the quiz will be given.
5. On Thursday the 28, the 5 Minute presentations will done.

166 Students:
1. On Monday the 25 at the end of class, please turn in the following as scanned documents into an electronic folder with your name on it, into a folder labeled, "166 portfolio". The folder will be in the class folder on scratch.
Walk, Fly, Swim character pages
Movie project: Character Pages, Backgrounds and story board animatic.
2. On Thursday the 28 you will present the final showing of your Movie project animatic.