Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

7/9 Homework

From this week in class:
1. Most important thing you can do is to finish your sack drop.
2. Go to the Simpsons tab at the top of the blog and create a cartoon of yourself, full body as a Matt Groening style character. Upload to the discussion board, due Monday.
Now for the weekend:
1. Go to the "Expressive Style" tab at the top of the blog and follow the directions. Create a full body cartoon of yourself having an over the top expressive emotional moment. Due monday
2. On Sunday I will add another tab on the blog called "UPA", this is a very specific style of animation.
Please review the content for monday. No "UPA" drawing necessary until Monday. 

It's all about the backgrounds, Due Monday.

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