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Monday, July 13, 2020

7/13 Homework

1. Go to the "UPA tab" at the top of the blog read through the information regarding how to draw a UPA  style character.
2. Go to the "UPA backgrounds" tab at the top of the blog and watch the 3 videos on the history of UPA. each video is only 8-10 min.
3. We will have a short quiz in class tomorrow about the videos. As you watch the videos think about the following:
a. What was one of the catalysts at the beginning of the first animation union?
b. What did John Hubley want animation to do?
c. What did world war two have to do with animation?
d. What was the first UPA cartoon to put them on the map.
e. What is the basic theory behind UPA animation?
f. What is the basic message that runs throughout UPA animation?
4. Go back to the UPA tab and follow the directions for tomorrows class.

1. Please continue working on your backgrounds, either drawing them them or placing them onto the final animatic.
2. Maybe tomorrow at the end of class we will look at your storyboard animatic with the backgrounds put in. on a side note, I'm not expecting anymore to have motion tweens, at this point, just having a background in would be great.

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