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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Class Update

Hi everyone... a couple of reminders,
1. The transformations that we have seen so far are looking really good. We will look at the rest of them on Thursday.
2. Cartoon Strip:
a. Please ink, color is optional.
b. At the very minimum they can be stick figures. However, I encourage you to take a risk and try designing characters that will fit the story that you want to tell.
c. When designing your panels ask your self... does each panel, in the following order, clearly show an action, a re-action to the action, and the consequences.
d. If the panel looks good I will forward it the the college paper.
e. If you would like to draw out the entire comic and show it to me on Thursday before you ink it, that would be fine. I will collect a scanned .jpg copy of your comics next Tuesday.
3. Homework reading: Read pg. 84-95 in the Richard Williams Book. The reading will discuss movement and timing.
4. On Thursday we will also look at the extra credit drawing project from last weekend. Look below on the class blog for more information.
5. If you would like to come on the field trip remember to bring the money to class.
See you all Thursday. I will be in the classroom at 5:00 if you need help, or email me with questions.

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