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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great Job Everyone.....

Hello everyone,
1. Your ball projects are looking great! After our in class critique of the ball project last night, everyone should have a good idea of what is expected from the project. The final versions of them are due at end of class this Thursday.
2. I want to say thank you again to everyone for hanging on last night after the broadcast.... I hope you enjoyed the experience. It will get more involved as the weeks progress. Also, remember to think of a question for Frank Gladstone, the opportunity to ask it will come up again over the semester. Remember to write your question down in your sketchbook so that you will have it ready to go.
3. On Thursday we will talk about drawing hands.
4. Homework reminder for Thursday: draw yourself as any character you would like, full page, full body (for better or worse show me the hands, if you don't how can I help you improve.) Here is a classic page on hand construction to get you started.
(remember, mark you calendars for the Rocky Horror Monster Draw on Friday September 30th from 7-9.)
See you Thursday...

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