Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Great Job!

Hi everyone... great job! on Thursday we will look at the projects.

165 Students:
1. Thursday we begin the Pendulum Animation.
    (Be thinking of something that you would like to have in the background).
2. Homework Drawing Project: Draw your version of the Great Pumpkin from the Charles Schultz cartoon.
    (As always show the full body including hands and feet...if it has any. Use Blue &
    Red Pencil, Sharpie for the final drawing.)

166 Students:
1. Since you lost some time because of our special project, I'm extending the due date for your Rough Sketch, Storyboards until October 20th.
2. On the 20th be prepared to talk about your storyboard and the sequence that you would like to animate.

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