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Monday, December 5, 2011

166 Reminder

Here are the items that I will be looking for in the Cartoon Bible.
(This should be turned in electronically on the 13th. For your presentation you will need to show character turns, animatic and any animation that you have created for your story.)

The Story Bible generally contains 30-40 pages written, plus another 20-25 pages of illustrations that encompass the following.

1 page =  Title page, writers name, show logo.

1-3 pages = Any myth or legend which explains how this
                    particular cartoon world came into being.
                    (voice over at beginning of Dexters
1-4 pages=  Summary or overview of what the series is
                    about including a listing of the main
                    characters and villains.
1-4 pages=  Written pages that describe settings and
                    location backgrounds plus illustrations of sets
                    and locals.
1-4 pages=  List of the rules of the series particular
                    (we never see mom & dad above the waist on
                    Cow & Chicken)
5-25 pages= A compilation of all characters, describing
                     each and every character including the
                     villains and their back stories. Also explain
                     each characters relationship to every
                     character on the show. Illustrations of how all
                     the characters will look and move will also be
                    (This is where the character page comes in.)
2-6 pages=  Sample springboard ideas for possible shows.
1-2 pages=  Sales pitch and sample dialogue of key
                    characters or catch phrases.
                    (Make sure what you put here is your best

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