Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


165 Students
1. Printout a black and white image of a politician and have it ready for class on Thursday.  Make sure the head can be seen clearly and is no smaller than 3" x 5"
2. On a 8 1/2" x  11" sheet of paper, draw a 1 point perspective room, add a door, window, and a shelf on the back wall. Use a sharpie and ruler, the image will be used as a backdrop for the next animation.
3. Most of you finished up the simplified comic strip on the storyboard handout last night, if not... go ahead and work on it,  we will look at them on Thursday.
166 Students
1. As you finish you character turns this week,  you will need to start thinking about backgrounds. Create an electronic file with images that can inspire your layouts. Next Tuesday, I would like to see some loose layout sketches. I will be talking more about backgrounds tonight at 7:00 in A106 and on Thursday.

Everyone: See you tonight... I hope you can make it!

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