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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Homework Reminder and Something Funny

165 students:
1. Great start on the Ball Bounce project. We will rap them up on Thursday.
2.  Practice drawing you "signature" drawing. I will help you with them on Thursday. Remember you need to be able to create the drawing in 2 minutes. When you practice in your sketchbook use your fine point sharpie only. This will force you to be more mindful of you work a you draw.
166 Students:
1. First thing on Thursday, I will go through the Blogs looking for your character pages. They do not need to be inked, just drawn out with some Bio info for each character as laid out in the hand out I gave you.
2. If you have completed this you can begin working on the back grounds. We will talk more about the backgrounds on Thursday.
Here is the funny part I mentioned...

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