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Friday, October 5, 2012

Homework Info

Hi everyone, here are a few things for you and  homework reminder.

1. Due Tuesday, final version of the comic strip. (you will turn it in as a jpg. file during class).
2. Some of you still need to show your UPA style character. (Be ready to show on Tues.)
3. For the weekend drawing project, in your sketchbook, design your version of the Great Pumpkin from the Peanuts Halloween special.

4. Here is the thumbnail storyboard hand out that you can print out if you would like multiple copies. I will give you one in classI will give the 165 students more details on how we will be using them for the next project on Tuesday.
For the 166 students if you do not already have a template for your storyboards, please use these.

5. 165 students, on Tuesday October 23, two things will happen, I will collect your Sketchbooks for the midterm. If you think you are missing projects, you need to talk to your classmates and compare notes. The second thing for that day, everyone will pick names out of an envelope, choosing the subject for your 5 minute presentation that you will deliver during finals week. I will talk more about this in class next week.

6. 166 students, on Thursday October 25, the first draft of your Cartoon Bible is due. This includes:
A. Title Page with the name of your project.
B. Cast lineup.
C. Individual character pages.
D. Backgrounds for the principal locations
E. Story Board
F. Animated character turns. (These drawings should come from your character pages).

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