Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Homework Update

Thanks everyone it was a great class today... 
Your transformations are really looking awesome!
Over the weekend I will be adding your Blogs and Tumblers to the class blog, so you will be getting an email from me at some point. On Monday at the end of class the final version of the Head project is due... I think at this point most of you will have it done with no problem. For the weekend drawing homework I would like you to try drawing yourself as an over the top Basil Wolverton / Tex Avery style cartoon character. As always use your red/blue pencil and add Ink on top. We will look at them in class on Monday.

Oh... as a side note... if you have created a blog and you have an iphone you can down load the blogger app from the app store and then be able to just take a photo of your work and upload it from your phone.
Just saying... if you want to.

Have a great weekend!  

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