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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Walk Jump

For the weekend, design the object that your character will have to jump over and its background. 
1. Make sure the object has clean open design.
2. The object should relate or play off of the jumper.
3. The object should look like it belongs in the background environment that you have created.
4. Draw the object that will be jumped over on separate paper, the background needs to be on a separate layer. 

*Over the weekend if you want to get a head start on the jump you can start working on the key frame
drawings. Pick one of the two jump types, top row or bottom row.

Due at the end of class on Wed 24th.
Walk/Jump project

Here is the format.
A. Title credits
B. The body of the movie must contain: Walk on, Blink, Pause in walk, Before jump reaction, Head Turn, Jump, after jump reaction, walk off, end credits.
C. It must be inked in black outline.
D. Color is optional and extra credit.

*You will present your movie to the class at the same time you give your 5 min. presentation on the artist you picked from the envelope on the last day of class.

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