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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekend Homework Drawing

Great Night tonight everyone.....

Homework 165 students:
1. Try a second draft of the anthropomorphize project. Really try to work in the unique facial characteristics that make up your face... such as glasses, shape of nose and so on. Due Tuesday

2. Draw your sack character page as shown in the earlier post. Make sure to draw a base line and a head line so that the scale of the character stays constant. For the action poses you can use the reference image below. This must be drawn on a singe sheet, in red or blue, add marker on top. Due Tuesday
3. In your sketchbook try drawing yourself as a UPA style character. Use your red or blue pencil, add marker on top. Due Tuesday

Homework 166 students:
Work finalizing you character pages, Due at end of night on Tuesday. Thursday at the end of the night the character spins based on the character pages are due. 



OCT. 8th is ACME DAY

meet at the library from 

6:30-8:30 ROOM L201


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