Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Walk Cycle

165 Students:
The handout says Monday but 
we will begin on Tuesday.
1. On Tuesday Dec. 3, you are expected to come to class with the 4 drawings done.

2. On Tuesday Dec. 3, be ready to scan and ink the images then place into Flash. 

3. The Walk Cycle is Due at the end of class on Thursday Dec. 5. 

*Color is optional
*You must include a background that matches the style of your character.
*Include opening and closing credits.
*The goal is to have the character walk across the stage: begin by having the character start from off stage, walk onto the stage and all the way across and off the other side. Then have the character do the same thing from the opposite direction.
*Turn in as a swf. to me and upload to ACME as a .mov

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