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Friday, March 28, 2014

165 Weekend Homework Project

This project has several parts:
1. Design your own two legged character. It can be human or human like, it must have human like legs for the walk cycle to work.
2. You will draw your character
standing, have it blink and turn its head.
3. You will draw that same character in the 4 poses needed for a walk cycle.
4. Your character will not always walk, it will need to come to a stand still. So, you will need to also draw it pausing and coming to a stand still.
5. The last thing will be to have your character jump over a thing. What that thing is will be up to you.
Over the weekend you should:
1. Design a character that you will enjoy drawing over and over again.
2. Read over the handouts I have posted here. As you read you will find the page numbers that you need to read in the Richard Williams textbook. The reading in the textbook will prepare you for the walk cycle project. We will begin this on Tuesday. On Tuesday I will explain the rest of the handouts and more.

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