Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


165 Students:
Draw yourself as a Peanuts character, due Thursday.

*One page, using Blue & Red Pencil and Ink using two   different pen nibs.
*Below are some character designs to get you started, an image of myself as a Peanuts character and lastly a bonus image of the Peanuts gang as your favorite horror icons.

Yep! it's me as a Peanuts character.

Here are some fun character designs that give us 
double meaning.

166 Students:
You have one week for each animation.
On Thursday, you can finish working on your designs. If you have finished, you can begin working on the animation. You can work on the animations in any order you want, the first one is due at the start of class on Sept. 9th.
The animation must include the following.
1. The character must show a continuous movement for a minimum of 5 seconds but no more than 15 seconds.
2. You must include a simple background that creates the environment that the character would live in.
3. Include a title card. (Name of project and your name)
4. Color is optional.

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