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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sack Drop

165 Students:
Great job working on your sack character designs, below is the outline for the project. On Wednesday we you will scan your inked sacks, upload to flash, bitmap, cut out and place one sack drawing on seperate key fames that are on the same layer in this order:
1. front 
2. 3/4 front
3. profile
4. 3/4 back
5. back
6. 3/4 back (here you will copy and paste #4 in reverse)
7. Profile (here you will copy and paste #3 in reverse)
8. 3/4 front (here you will copy and paste #2 in reverse)

Make sure to use the ruler tool to line up all the drawings. When it looks good,
you can publish as a .swf

For Homework:
Think about the environment that you want to design as a backdrop for the sack animation. We will work on those in class tomorrow.

In your sketchbook, please draw your self as a sack, remember, no full faces, keep the designs simple. We will look at them tomorrow in class.

166 Students: 
On Wednesday we will look at the rest of the Godzilla Animatics. Due This Thursday at the end of class, character pages and backgrounds.

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