Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Night of Class...

What a great night! 
Thanks Everyone!

165 Homework:

On Thursday you will need to bring in your sketchbook, the red or blue pencil and your click eraser.

In your 9" X 12" sketchbook the first thing to draw is a spooky or scary creature that lives under your bed, in your closet or behind your door when you turn out the lights. Draw full page, full body, and with any drawing supplies that you would like to. You do not need to add color, and it can be in any style you want. This first drawing is just for fun. We will look at them in class on Thursday.

166 Students:

1. Choose three animals that display: 
a. A four legged character
b. A winged creature (No Hummingbird)
c. A swimming character that displays an "s curve" as it moves.
2. On three separate pages, draw 4-5 quick sketches of one kind of animal per page as a way to experiment with character design.
3. On Thursday, we will look at your designs and chose one for your character page. See images below for ideas.

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