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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/16 Homework

Wow what a great first night!

165 Homework:
1. For Thursday, please bring your sketchbook, red pencil and eraser.
2. In your sketchbook, full page, as a stick figure or as a more developed character (its up to you), draw yourself as a Zombie. Have fun with it, make it silly or scary just try... color is optional, use any drawing materials you would like. 166 students are welcome to join in. Yep...the one below is me as an art zombie...

166 Homework:
1. Bring your sketchbook, pencils and markers to class, you will be working on 3 character designs for your project.
2. Your goal for the end of class on Thursday, is to flesh out your character designs for the 3 characters. Remember, this is your chance to design the characters as you like, they only need to follow the rules of motion. See the image below with a Fox, it shows how to begin the sketching process.
3. The character pages can be worked on over the weekend.

Drawing Process

 Character Design

Movement Studies

Below is an example of a character page

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