Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1/24 Homework

165 Students
1. For next class bring your red animation pencil (See Syllabus for the exact brand), and a 9"x12" blank, spiral bound sketchbook. 
2. In your sketchbook or on an 8 1/5"x 11 sheet of paper, draw yourself as a zombie. It does not need to be colored or inked, please draw it full body, and fill the page if you can. Have fun, for this drawing messy is ok. Below is a sample of myself as a zombie. We will look at your drawings on Thursday.

166 Students
1. For next class, choose and collect the three creatures that you would like to draw for the 
Walk. Fly, Swim project. 
2. Look on line and create folders with source images that you can use for your designs. Be ready to show me your photos on Thursday when we begin the design process.

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