Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Weekend Homework

165 Students:
Its time to begin the last part of you character animation. Using the same character that you have been working with for the walk cycle, choose one of the two jump cycles from the page shown below. 

* The upper row represents the key poses for the Disney jump. 
(More realistic)

* The lower row of drawings represent the key poses for the Warner Brothers jump. (Rubbery)

OR, you may pick one of the Neil Sanders style crazy walks, shown on the page below.

Goal, draw your character in the same key frame poses that are show in the examples. Remember, 
to stay on model, copy the pose exactly. Pencil only!
See you Monday, when we review for the quiz!

166 Students:
I will review your scanned backgrounds with you.

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