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Thursday, January 25, 2018

1/25 Class Notes

Congratulations you made it 
through the first night 
here is the homework.

165 Students:
1.Go to the tabs at the top of the blog labeled, Human Head and Caricature.
- The Human Head tab will give you all of the information we talked about in class. 
- The Caricature tab will give you information about the homework.
2. After you have looked at the short video on caricature, try drawing the 3 distorted head photos that you took of yourself in class. Do not worry about the over all outcome of the drawings, the important thing is to try. My job is is look at the results and give you the help and advice on how to improve them.

166 Students:
1. Work on your Walk, Fly, Swim project. A rough draft of your first animation is due at the end of class
on February 1. You can do the animations in any order, thats up to you.
2. Go to the Nickelodeon Podcast website, visit the job board and listen to some of the podcasts. Or better yet go to your app store on your phone and you can down load the podcasts for free with the Nickelodeon Podcast App. We will talk about the site next week.

Next Tuesday we begin our animated movie time at 5pm. Come early to watch the film or work on homework.
Our first movie will be.

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