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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Next project

So we are on to our next project...

1. If you need a little more time to work on your leaf drop, you are welcome to stop by on Saturday from 9-3 or come early to class, I'm here at 6:30.
2. Over the weekend have a look at the tab "Inking"
it gives examples of inking techniques.
3. Over the weekend have a look at the tab "Sack Drop." Think about the type of sack and the environment that the sack animation will happen in.
On Tuesday we will work on drawing the sack character page in class.
4. The most important and fun thing to do over the weekend is to go to the tab "Expressive Style" and follow the directions, we will look at the drawings on Tuesday. Have fun!

At this time you should be working on your character pages. At the end of next class please show your rough character spins. They do not need to be inked yet.

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