Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

4/9 Class

I have to admit I have been having so much fun listening to old cartoon soundtracks this last week I thought I would share, below are links to some great audio collections.

1. If you have not completed drawing the pause and blink drawings please do so by next Tuesday.
2. Go to the tab at the top of the blog titled "Walk cycle background" and follow the directions. On Tuesday we will look at your ideas.

3. Here is a link to an edited version of today's class.

By Thursday of next week you should be working on your final animatic project.

Jonny Quest

Yogi bear, Huckleberry Hound

Original Spider Man


Warner Brothers

Ren and Stimpy Pt.1

Ren and Stimpy Pt.2

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