Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 4 Day 13

165 students:
1. In your sketchbook draw 12 different characters keep the drawings loose, show the shapes and set up lines. Do not add ink to these drawings. Your goal is to pick one of the drawings and use it for an animated walk/jump animation.
2. After you have chosen the character that you want to draw, on a separate sheet of paper draw that character standing both forward and in profile. Both drawings should line up completely, everything should be at the same height. Start this by measuring down from the top of the page 2" and marking it with a line across the page horizontally. Next, measure 1" up from the bottom and draw a line horizontally.
Your character must fit within this space. On Tuesday we will work on the walk cycle drawings in class. 
166 Students:
You should be working on your backgrounds and thinking about the style of graphics that you want to use.
On Thursday you should have about ten seconds of footage to show.

Tomorrow we will look at the leaf drop animations!

If you want to try the walk cycle drawings before class go ahead... 

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