Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Great Job Everyone

Congratulations everyone on your first night of ACME

165 Homework:
1. Please bring the completed perspective handouts to class on Thursday.
2. Also bring the stapled pile of handouts that I gave you in class(the top image shows line quality),  we will go over it on Thursday.
3. In your regular sketchbook draw yourself as a Roman period warrior ready for battle in the coliseum.

4. Use blue and red pencil, add black marker 

paying attention to line quality.

5. Keep the line work clean and not sketchy.

6. Have fun!

I think I make for a sad little warrior.

166 Homework:

Work up 2-3 sentences about the movie you have

chosen for the Bible Project. This will help you to

clarify the heart of the story. If you need help, try

going over to the IMDB and look up your movie.

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