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Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekend Homework

165 Homework:
1. In the handout packet is a page of small rectangles, these are known as thumbnail boxes. The use of thumbnail boxes for small quick sketches are meant to force the story board artist to draw quick, simple sketches without any fuss or detail. In each box draw anything you want that shows perspective, use your red pencil. Draw 1 point, 2 point, boxes, trees what every you want. Do not, add ink and do not use a ruler. Sample drawing ideas:

2. For the character design homework, in your 

regular sketchbook draw yourself as a 

Person from the stone age. Use the idea of the stone

age to alter your drawing style a little. (See the cover

image I gave you from the recent handout packet for ideas).

3. Use blue and red pencil, add black marker 

paying attention to line quality.

4. Change your line work.

6. Have fun!

 Yep! it's me, my toes look nasty

166 Homework:
In your sketchbook you should start drawing full body sketches of your characters for the big project. The goal is to create character pages. See examples below:

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