Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tonight 4/21/15

Dear class,
Tonight the 165 students should be working on the walk/jump animations. They are due on Thursday April 23. A complete project will include:
A. Title card 3 sec.
B. Scene 1, your character walks in place through a rotating background.
C. Scene 2, you begin the scene with the object that you intend to jump over at the center of the stage. D. You enter from off stage, walk up to the object, look at it, turn your head and look at the audience, react to it, turn back, jump over object, walk off. (Scene 2 should be as long as it needs to be in order to accomplish the tasks.) 
E. End card 3 Sec.
F. Submit as a .mov file by the end of class.

166 students, we will look at your work with the watercolor homework and I will check the progress of your storyboard animations.

this Sunday is the Field trip to the 
Cartoon Art Museum.
Next Week on Wednesday April 29,
we will have a special  chalk draw
event in the ART QUAD 1-3pm
come on out and help plaster the place with your own characters. 
I will have all the chalk you 
need, no need to bring any. 
Extra is Credit Available

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