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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13 Homework

165 Students:
For homework, use the profile version of yourself from the character page you worked on in class to create the 4 poses of the walk cycle.

1. Punch holes in cheap copy paper (Provided in class), using a standard 3 hole punch.
2. Along the edge of the paper with the punched holes, measure 2" down from the top, draw a ruled line with your sharpie. Next, at one inch up from the bottom draw another ruled line with your sharpie. This sheet of paper will serve as a template for you character through the walk cycle.
3. Use the diagram provided in last Thursdays blog post to draw the four poses of the walk cycle. Each drawing should have the lined template under a clean sheet of paper. The lines will help you to judge the correct height of your character in each pose as it relates to the diagram.
4. Only draw using the animation pencils, no ink until we review it in class and the four drawings are tested as an animatic.

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*Please bring your sketch\wash pencils and brushes to class tomorrow and Wednesday.

166 Students:
Bring your water color pencils and brushes to class on both Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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