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Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9 Homework

165 Students:
Homework reading, in the Richard Williams text book, read pg. 108-123 and pay particular attention to the diagram in the center of pg. 114 This will prepare you for the walk cycle that we be working on in class next week. 

Homework Drawing, 
1. In your sketchbook, work on creating a character for the walk cycle. Be prepared to show me 4-6 different variations of the character that will represent you in the walk animation. I will be looking for a simple character design, use animation pencils and no ink. Must be humanoid, try to avoid oversized capes and long tails.
2. Create a character page on one sheet of paper in the same way that the sack character page was designed. Use animation pencils only, no ink. See example below for the body positions.
(front, 3/4 front, profile, 3/4 back, back)  

On Monday we will look at the pencil versions of your character pages. If they look good you can ink them.

166 Students:
Please write 4-6 sentences that you can use as a sales pitch, as if you wanted to sell your animation to a studio. How would you introduce it, describe the characters and how they would interact. Use upbeat descriptions... your goal is to excite and entice. An example would be the voice over narration at the beginning of Dexter's Laboratory or the Power Puff Girls.  

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