Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

2/2 Homework

Good job 165 on your first animations!

165 students:
1. Over the weekend, read the hand out posted below, entitled "Narrative Project". Think about the three different stories, on Tuesday, each of you will choose only one of them to storyboard in class using the simple thumbnail style figures I showed you.
2. In your sketchbook, full page, using your red or blue pencil, draw yourself at 99 years old, full body. You can add mechanical parts, be missing parts, be altered in some way, have fun, we will look at them in class on Tuesday. 
(Inking your drawing is optional).

Yep the old guy below is me!


166 Students:
On Tuesday your first rough animation will be due at the end of class. Keep it in pencil you can ink and color later if you want to.

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