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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9/12 Homework

165 Students
Narrative Project
1. Choose one skit from below and storyboard it using only thumbnail characters. (Like the ones I drew in class). 
2. You may hand draw the 1 1/2" x 2" thumbnail boards if you would like, however neatness counts so use a ruler. Or you can go to the bottom of this post and print out the ready made Thumbnail, Storyboard page and use that for the project.
3. Use Red or Blue pencil, only put enough props to support the story, avoid the use of texture, use thumbnail story board, use as may panels as it takes to tell the story.
4. We will review on Thursday.
The counselor walks on the stage with a big pot, sets it down on a table along with a spoon or ladle, and sets up a "Back in 5 min" sign before walking offstage.

A camper comes along, eyes the pot, grabs the spoon and takes a big, messy slurp. Eyes wide, he/she grabs a friend from offstage and stresses how important it is that they try this awesome tasting soup.

This keeps happening, each new person getting another to try the soup. You can make each have a different personality (e.g. hyper, ghetto, California girl) just for laughs.

The counselor walks back on, seeing the camper grouped around the soup. Spotting the counselor, the campers flee.

The counselor reaches into the pot and brings out a pair of dirty socks and remarks how clean they are after soaking.
Person 1 walks in acting like he is swatting flies.
Person 2 What are you doing?
Person 1 Hitting flies.
Person 2 Did you Get any?
Person 1 Yeah 5. 3 boys and 2 girls.
Person 2 How can you tell if they were boys or girls?
Person 1 I got the 3 boys from the remote control and the 2 girls on the phone
Set up the skit by putting a cup of water in a cardboard box off stage.
The first camper stands, doing nothing.
A second camper comes by with the box and water, and says "Hold this for me. I'll be right back."
A third camper comes by and asks, "What's in the box?"
"I don't know, he replies."
They both examine the box and tilt it enough for some water to run out of the corner of the box.
The third camper puts his finger under the drip, and to his mouth. "It taste like grape," then walks off.
A fourth camper, followed by a fifth, and so on, comes by like the third, to taste the water. Each one gives a different flavor.
The second Scout comes back and says, "Thanks for holding my puppies."

166 Students:
Work on drawing Thumbnail Boards,
use your trailer as the basis for the images. keep the drawings in pencil and keep them simple the goal is to show camera angles and stage directions.

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