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Monday, June 15, 2020

6/15 Homework

Hi Everyone, it was great to meet you all!

Everyday after class I will post the homework here on the blog. I will always break it into 165/Beginning Students and 166/ Intermediate students.

1. Go to the tab at the top of the blog and select the tab "Getting Adobe at home" follow the directions we will begin using Adobe Animate on Thursday.
2. In your sketchbook draw yourself, full body as a zombie, the directions are at the top of the blog, go to the tab labeled "Zombie" draw. Due tomorrow when class starts at 12:50. I have a discussion board all set up for you to turn your work. It can be a photo or scan, jpg,png or tiff.

1. Go to the "Walk, Fly, Swim" tab at the top of the blog and read the contents.
2. Decide what animals you would like to use for the project. 
3. Create 3 folders and spend some time collecting photo's of the animals you would like to use for the project. Place photo in folders, one type per folder. To do this correctly you should have pictures of the animals from all angles and multiple poses, generally this comes to 10-12 photos of each animal.
4. Be ready to talk about and show the photo's you have chosen as inspiration for the project at tomorrows class.

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