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Friday, April 1, 2016

Character Design

165 Students:
Character design project.
1. In your sketchbook note some of the defining characteristics that you would like to have for your character design.
A. What Species.
B. What basic shape do they represent.
C. Age
D. Name
E. The type of world they live in.

2. In your sketchbook, using only the red pencil, draw a minimum of 12 different characters based on your defining characteristics keep the drawings loose, show the shapes and set up lines. Do not add ink to these drawings. 

3. Your goal is to pick one of the characters that you like the most and re-draw that character on a separate page in 12 different styles, (Like the ones shown below. At the end of the process you will choose one style and that will be the one you use it for an animated walk/jump animation.

4. On a full page of your sketchbook draw that final version of your character, show the setup lines and ink. Place the character in a pose that conveys personality. 

5. This is Due Tuesday.

6. If you want to get ahead a little, the next step of the process will be to create a character page. 

7A proper character page shows the character standing in the same pose, with all of the features lined up, and is shown from the following angles,

Front, 3/4, profile, 3/4 back, back. 

This is similar to the sack character page that we created only more complex because this time its a fully developed character.

8. Once the character page is complete, a character spin will be created using the character page drawings. We will be working on this in class next week.

166 Students:
In your watercolor sketchbook, draw one of the characters from your bible project, full body, add watercolor pencil. Experiment by adding black ink pen on top. Try changing the colors of the costume. Remember, one of the goals of the bible project is to not just copy what you see but also allow your self to be inspired, its a cartoon!

*We will look at them in class on Tuesday.


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