Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Today in class and for homework

165 Students:
Part 1 Walk Cycle
1. Once you have completed the 
un-inked character page, scan and create a character spin. 
2. Read the following pages in the Richard Williams text book. 108-123 and pay particular attention to the diagram in the center of pg. 114 This will prepare you for the walk cycle. 



1. Take five sheets of paper. 

2. Use the standard 3 hole punch that's on the back desk in the classroom, punch holes marking the top of the paper.

3. On only one sheet of the punched paper, measure 2" down from the top and draw a horizontal line that is parallel to the holes, use a fine point sharpie and mark your line. (Known as the 2 & 1 rule)

4. At the bottom of the page measure out a line that is 1" up from the bottom and mark with a sharpie.  

5. The page with the marked black lines should be used as guidelines when drawing your character in the walk cycle poses. (See red pencil drawings above).

6. Follow the examples shown above and draw your character in the 4 poses. RED PENCIL ONLY. You must scan and test your walk cycle as a pencil test before inking the final drawings.

166 Students:
1. We will look at your in your sketchbook at the watercolor studies.
2. Show me your progress on your storyboard animatic drawings. 

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