Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

This is the place to find all kinds of extra information required for ARTDM 165-166


Thursday, April 7, 2016


165 Students:
1. Your character spins are looking great.
2. We will continue working on the walk cycle,               Tuesday.

3. For Homework, when you come into class on

 Tuesday, have your background drawn and inked. 

 Keep it simple, use bold graphics and make

 sure to match up the lines on both the left and right 

 side of the page. Try to make the drawing happen 

 only in the middle third of the page.


 4. If you want to get a little ahead you can start working on the next two things, Blink and Standing Still.

166 Students:

1. On Tuesday we will look at your thumb nail story

    board animatics.

2. Please use your water color pencils and color 

    another full page character from your bible 


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