Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

This is the place to find all kinds of extra information required for ARTDM 165-166

Walk, Blink, Pause

Walk Cycle:
Once you are done with the character page you can begin working on the walk cycle. 

Set up:
1. Grab 5 sheets of paper, use hole punch as 
show below.
2. On one page, measure 2" down from the top, draw a line with a fine point sharpie.
3. On the same page, measure 1" up from the bottom, draw a line with a fine point sharpie.
4. This page should be used as your guide layer page and will go under each blank page that you draw your character as it goes through the process.
5. To begin, you are only drawing 4 poses: 
Contact, Down, Pass, Up. 
6. Match your character to the poses shown below.
    Do not deviate from the diagram.
7. Draw each character in the center of each page. Doing so will allow you better judge how much to move your character in each position.
      * The feet always meet the ground line.
      * The head always moves below and above the head line. 
      * The second contact is a repeat of the first.

Pencil only! No Ink! Until it's tested in AA!

8. The drawing shown above are key poses, you may want to add drawings between each pose. 

Blink Cycle:
9. After you have completed the walk cycle pencil test and everything is working, pick any 3 drawings from the walk cycle sequence and trace them. 
10. The reason for the second copy of drawings is that you will be adding a blink.
11. Drawing 1 should show a half blink.
Drawing 2 should show a full blink and drawing 3 should show a half blink.
12. The blinking sequence will be added to the walk cycle.      

       Half Blink                Full Blink              Half Blink

13. The next step of the walk cycle is to stop.
14. Trace your original pass pose with one difference,
allow both legs to rest flat on the ground.
15. Look at the middle drawing in the line up below, the body is the same only the head has turned. Do the same with your drawing. 

 In the end you will have a character that will walk, blink 
and come to a stop.

16. I will demonstrate how to put this all 
together in class.
17. Once the pencil tests are done, you should ink, re-scan and test.
18. In the end this will take 9 drawings, tween drawings will add more.

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