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Friday, November 7, 2014

Class Update

Hi Everyone, here are a couple of thing from last nights class. 

165 Students: 
*Next Tuesday, be ready to turn in, if you have not done so already:
1. A simple Word Doc. that simply states the who, what, when, and why of the Walk/Jump project.
2. Your inked character page that follows the format as shown in class and in the previous blog post.

*For next Tuesday, make sure you that have read the previously posted reading assignment from the Richard Williams text book on:
1. Flexibility in the face pages, 246-250
2. Takes & Accents, 285-289
3. Flexibility, 217-224
4. Read the new reading assignment on the "walk cycle" from the same book pages 102-117 

*For next Tuesday be ready to show a pencil draft of your thumbnail drawings
that show how you want to treat your Walk/Jump animation. 

*All of your Monster Draw Drawings are due on November 20, inked, and scanned in as jpg. or png., placed in a folder with your name on it, in the class scratch folder.

*Your comics are due Tuesday November 25, you will turn in two versions of it.
A printed hard copy and a scanned copy, jpg. or png will be fine. 

166 Students:

Make sure your backgrounds, storyboard animatic, 

and character designs are uploaded to ACME by 

Tuesday at the start of class. I will be grading you on 


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