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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Walk Cycle

How to set up the project:
1. With your 8 1/2" x 11" paper turned horizontally, or in the electronic program of your choice, place two horizontal lines that run the entire length of the drawing surface. Place one 2" from the top and one 1" from the bottom.
These lines will work like the ones shown above, the bottom is the ground line and the top one is the head line. If working on paper, the page with the lines should be placed below a clean sheet of paper. The lined paper will act as a template for the actual drawing that will happen on the blank sheet above. If you are drawing in a program use the layering feature to accomplish the same thing.
2. Using the example shown above draw your character in the positions exactly as shown in the following poses: Contact, Down, Pass and Up. The second contact shown, is not needed at this point.
3. Show me the drawings before you ink.
4. Scan in drawings and test in Flash and show me. If it works you can ink and rescan.

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