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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Homework Notes

165 Students:
For Thursday, be ready to turn in a sketch of the background your character will be walking through. Here are a couple of things to consider as you create it.

1. With your paper turned horizontally, divide the space into thirds. The middle third is the space on the paper were you will draw out the background. This is done so that when you import your background it will be wider than the stage. This will allow you to create a motion tween and have the background move. (See example below)

2. When drawing your background consider the probability that you may need to loop your background. This means you will need to make sure that the height, thickness of line and any object that you place on the left or right of the paper match up. (See example below)

3. Please turn in your sketch only, not the finished artwork. Once I have reviewed it with you, the inking (pen or digital) can be done.

*Below are 3 simple backgrounds, forest, tree line, city skyline.
*Remember do not draw anything in the foreground because your character will occupy that space. 

 *Reminder: On Thursday we will begin working on the walk cycle. 
(See previous post for reading) 

166 Students: 
After show the walk cycle information to the 165 students I will come to you and review your progress.

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