Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

4/12 Class Recap and Homework

     Thanks 165 students, it was great to see your sack drop animations. If you need to make some changes to them, you need to work on them before class during open lab. During class we need to move onto the next project. However, if you do choose to resubmit the work, make sure to show me so that I can look at it with you.

165 Students:
1. In the Richard Williams text book, 
read pages, 102-163.
2. Continue working on the pencil version of your character page, due Tuesday at the start of class.

166 Students:
1. In your watercolor sketchbook, full page draw one of the characters from your big project. 
2. Ink and add watercolor pencil, try to convey a transition from light to dark. 

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