Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

4/3 Class Update and Homework

165 Students:
1. It was great seeing your homework drawings, next Thursday please scan, clean them up and add them to the folders in scratch.
2. Because I was not able to properly introduce the 100 head project, you have a one week extension,
it was originally due on April 5th. Now they are due as completed and scanned work on April 12.
3. Next class you should be able to finish the sack drop by the end of class.
4. If you need more time to work on the project I'm in the classroom at 5pm, please come early, I'm happy to give you some extra help. 

166 Students:
1. Your storyboard animatics are looking good.
2. Next class we will look at the ones we have not seen yet.

1. This Friday MONSTER DRAW
2. Next week, Student Art Show drop off.

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