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Thursday, April 19, 2018

4/19 Class Recap and Homework

165 Students:
Nice work everyone, its good to see the development of your pencil test walk cycles. 

1. If you showed me your 4 walk cycle poses in class and I said they looked good, please ink them so that we can color them on Tuesday. 

2. If you still need to finish drawing the 4 walk cycle poses please do so by Tuesday so that we can test them as pencil drawings before you ink them. 
(I recommend coming a little early to class to test the pencil 
version of your walk cycle)

3. For those of you that have your walk cycle poses done, go to the "Walk Cycle" tab at the top of the blog and take a look at the bottom of the page. Follow the drawing diagram and try bringing your character to a stop. If you feel confident about your drawing you can ink it and add it to the walk cycle on Tuesday.

4. On Tuesday I will talk about creating walk cycle backgrounds. 

166 Students:
We will look at you watercolor backgrounds on Tuesday.

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