Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

4/17 Class Recap and Homework

165 Students:
1. Your pencil test character spins are looking good.
2. Once I give you the go ahead, ink your character page and create your final spin.
3. Go to the "Walk Cycle" tab and review the next part of the project. You will be taking the character you created for a walk.
4. Your homework for Thursday, use the copy paper from class and draw your character in the 4 poses of the walk cycle. Draw it only in its skeletal form. (No not an actual skeleton). In the drawing below it should look like the basic character drawing on the left. Not like the two on the right which are more like finished characters.  

Below is the information concerning the presentation you will give the last night of class.

166 Students:
1. In your sketchbook, draw two 3" x 4" rectangles side by side.
2. Pick one of the back grounds from your project and draw in each of the rectangles.
3. Using your watercolors, color one Monochromatic, you pick the color. The other should be full color.

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