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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2/13 Recap Homework

Thursdays 5-7 Movie

165 Students
1. Great night tonight, you survived your first night of Illustrator. Once you have converted your artwork a couple of times you will find that its a great program for cleaning up your artwork.
2. On Thursday we will finish converting your drawings in Illustrator and begin working building the leaf drop project. So if you are still working on your designs, please finish them and be ready to scan and color them on Thursday.
3. Homework: Go to the top of the blog and select the Rubber Hose tab, review the information. Your homework, is to draw yourself, in your sketchbook, full page, in red or blue pencil only as a Rubber Hose style character. 
* Note: When you draw, only use one side of a page, from now on all homework drawings will be inked after they are drawn. This means that the ink will soak through the page and destroy any drawing that may be on the back side. 
4. We will look at your Rubber Hose drawings, next class. Below are two different versions of myself as a Rubber Hose style character.

166 Students
1. Next class will look at your final 
Walk Fly Swim movies.
2. Be ready to talk about the movie you have chosen for your project.

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