Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

2/8 Recap and Homework

Special Extra Credit Drawing event this Friday
2/09 Draw at a secret location on campus 2 - 4pm
Meet at the gallery, bring your sketchbook, pens, pencils and markers. Be ready to draw. After we meet we will go to the drawing location. I will share tips for sketching on location.

Next Tuesdays 2-5 Movie will be a Rubber Hose double feature:

165 Students

Over the weekend, your goal is to create characters for your next animation that will be based on the 20's-30's Rubber Hose style animation.  
1. Go to the top of the blog and review the two tabs labeled "LEAF DROP" & "RUBBER" HOSE. They contain an overview of the project.
2. Conduct a google search for tree images that inspire you as you design a tree for your leaf drop project. 
3. Below is a sample of the project

4. Design a Tree, cloud, sun, flower for your animation, do the drawings in Red Pencil and in your sketchbook.
5. On Tuesday we will look at your drawings, you will ink them, scan and color them in Illustrator. This will get them ready for animating.
6. For more Rubber Hose goodness, click on the link below to see some classic Rubber Hose Animation.

166 Students
Next week we will be working on your 3rd Walk, fly, Swim animation.

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