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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

2/6 Recap and Homework

Tomorrow the DVC Art Gallery is having a reception for its new show featuring comic art. The reception is from 11:30-12:30 at the gallery. Several of the artists will be at the reception. If you would like to receive some extra credit stop by, see some art and check in at the front desk. Ask for a proof of attendance slip and bring it to class, that will get you the credit. The Gallery is located in the Art Building Room A305.

Thursday's 5-7 Movie

165 Students
1. Super job with the ball bounce projects.

2. We will finish the ball bounce animations on Thursday.

3. On Thursday we will also have a look at your comics. If you didn't get a chance to turn it in tonight, you can turn it in on Thursday. 

1. In your sketchbook, full page, full body, in red or blue pencil, 
draw yourself as a Simpson character.  (Front or 3/4 view only).

2. Tip: four finger hands

3. Tip: Large eyes with dots for pupils

4. Tip: No chins, just a lower lip that goes into the neck.

5. The two pages below are character reference pages from the Simpsons. I have included one male and one female, I have included these so that you can see how the characters are constructed.

6. Note that each drawing shows the character from very specific angles. For the homework, you need to pick a "front view" or a "3/4 Front" view pose to draw yourself. As I said above, No ink, keep it in Red or Blue pencil.

7. Below are sample diagrams to help you draw 4 finger hands

Yep the guy shown below is me...

166 Students:
Thursday your next rough animatic from the Walk, Fly, Swim project is due at the end of class.

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