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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2/27 Class Recap and Homework

165 Students:

1. If you did not turn in your inked homework drawings as described in the previous post, please do so at the beginning of class on Thursday. Folders are set up in the class folder labeled Homework drawings.

2. Homework Drawing project: In your sketchbook, full page, full body, in red or blue pencil, draw yourself having an extreme emotional reaction. no need to ink it yet, this is for practice. 

3. Surprise, shock or fear are the funnest types of drawing in this style. For style samples go to the tab at the top of the blog labeled "Expressive style"

4. If you would like more classroom time to work on your projects I am here in the same room every Saturday from 9-3 teaching graphic design. You are always welcome to come in and work.

 Note that I have placed a tab at the top of the screen labeled "Illustrator Basics" its a 
collection of good videos that will help to reinforce the class demonstrations on how to use Illustrator. More videos will be added as the semester progresses.
166 Students:

1. On Thursday be ready to talk about your projects.
A. Give the name
B. In a couple of sentences be able to tell us what the story is all about.
C. Be ready to show some rough sketches of the characters.

2. If you have a trailer that you are using as a template for your project, have the link available so that we can look at it. 

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