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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weekend Homework

165 Students:
Over the weekend please finish your transformation drawings. The Transformations are due at the end of class on Tuesday. At the beginning of class I will demonstrate the editing process. 

*You only have 12 drawings for the transformation, no more, no less.

*If you would like to add a blink at the beginning before you transform or at the end when you are in creature mode that would be fine. Blink drawings are separate from the transformation drawings and will be considered as extra credit.

166 Students:
Please continue working on your animatics. If you do not have a computer handy you can always sketch out smaller moments in your animatic. For example:
if your character is reaching to grab something, you do not need a computer to practice working out what the sequence will look like. Use paper, pencil and a mirror. Pose your hand in mirror and draw what you see. To draw a hand moving or a facial reaction to an event, all you need is a mirror. If you work this way the animation process will speed up, I see many of you sketching the same images over and over again on the computer. Spending more time working from direct observation is not cheating, its learning. Once you understand how a thing or process works, you can break it and play with it, without understanding you are guessing. It's the guessing that leads to working on the same drawings over and over and over and........... 

Have a great weekend everyone, have a great free comic book day and May the 4th be with you.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

165 Students

165 Students: 
Start thinking about the final quiz which will be given on the final night of class during finals week. You will need to be able to draw out examples of the 12 principles of animation as put forth by Frank and Ollie.

You can also check out the links to other blogs 
that talk about the 12 principles. Look along the 
right hand margin of this blog for the heading, 
"12 Principles of Animation"

If you look in the class folder under handouts, 
visual descriptions have been provided.

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